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Lean for everyone!

My dad ran an industrial SME and I financed my studies by being an operator in the summer. After graduating as an engineer with a Specialized Master in Lean Management I wrote a thesis on the Kaizen Blitz methods. I later joined the Schneider Electric group, where I first set up lean projects on industrial sites, before joining the consulting branch. I carried out dozens of lean missions in large groups, ETIs and SMEs in France and Europe.
To train my clients in the main principles of lean, I used a board game that I carried in a big suitcase. I quickly realized it would be much more convenient for my clients and I to have this board game as a digital version. The company 7-Shapes was born from this idea as well as our 100% online training solution the 7-Shapes School, based on a business simulation.
To bring all businesses to become or remain efficient is my objective, be it on an industrial, organizational or environmental level.

A video game to understand Lean

I met Julien through the Grand-Angoulême when I was running a video game company.
“Creating a game to help companies become more efficient by driving out non-added value and using collective intelligence”, this idea immediately appealed to me! My team started working on a prototype and Julien’s idea became tangible. Julien and I met many potential clients who showed great interest in this project.
Our simulation game is a powerful learning tool. It brings all employees to experience the implementation of the Lean main principles and tools in a simple, fun and relaxed way. It makes it easy to take action! 

A video game to understand Lean

Julien a été mis en relation avec moi grâce au réseau local, à Angoulême. Nous nous sommes rencontrés et son projet m’a tout de suite semblé porteur de sens. Après plusieurs rencontres, mon équipe spécialisée dans le jeu vidéo grand public s’est mise à travailler sur les premières briques du concept. L’équipe a su montrer à Julien le potentiel tangible de son idée.

Je me suis par la suite associée à Julien dans ce projet et nous avons créé ensemble la 7-Shapes School, aidés par notre talentueuse équipe.

Je suis persuadée que le jeu vidéo est un moyen intéressant pour permettre à toutes les entreprises de démarrer une démarche d’amélioration continue.

7-Shapes Team


CEO & Founder

I worked in large and small companies, from industry companies to service companies. At age 25, I wrote my first book about an innovative method for efficient performance implementation.

Coach, trainer and consultant, I am also an entrepreneur and founded Seven Shapes in January 2017.


COO & Cofounder

At Seven Shapes, I am lucky to take care of the strategy and business development with Julien. I’m also putting my 20 years experience in video game production management to good use. Indeed, from 1999 to 2017, I managed a video game studio called OUAT Entertainment – which I co-founded with Sébastien Doumic. I have a master’s degree from a French Business School (EDHEC). I kicked off my career as an auditor at Arthur Andersen, before moving to France Television group, first in charge of youth programs and then Director of the multimedia department. I am a creative-financial expert and love to juggle these different skills.


Game Designer

I have a degree from a Digital Creation Master in Toulouse. I created an interactive art project for each year I spent in this Master. I took the opportunity to focus my memoires around the video game industry.

I worked in various video game studios, including one in Montreal focused on serious games, bringing me valuable experiences in video game conception.


Artistic Director

After studying graphic design at ESTEI in Bordeaux and working in the video game industry for more than 10 years, I joined the 7-Shapes team in 2017 to put my pencils in the service of a fun and innovative project.

Since then, I have been having fun every day creating and developing the visual identity of 7-Shapes, from game interfaces to communication visuals, characters and sets!

Frédéric TAN

Lead developer

I completed a course at Epitech and I graduated as an Information Technology expert in 2017.

I worked in several companies in new technologies, especially in the video game industry. I am currently the Lead Developper of Seven Shapes .


Learner success & & Manager

Following a university course with various majors, I had the chance to start my career at Seven Shapes. I develop new skills every day by doing a bit of everything!

I am the main contact for marketing, communication, event management and press relations.


Work-study engineer

After 2 years in Preparatory Class, I am now completing a work-study engineering course at the Enjmin.

Participating in the development of video games has been a long lasting goal for me, and I am therefore pleased to work at 7-Shapes as a developer, game designer, and project manager.


Business Developer

After spending 7 years deploying Lean in various industries in France and internationally, I joined Seven Shapes as a Business Developer. I also help Julien by training our learners as part of our Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma certification training!
Every day I use my experience and cheerfulness to help the world discover an innovative way to learn while having fun!

Geoffroy CORTIER

Game Developer

My DNAT in Design and Visual Communication at the l’École Supérieure d’Arts et Médias de Caen and my various experiences as a developer in the video game industry allowed me to be skilled as a game designer and developer.

I joined the 7-Shapes team in 2019 as a developer to bring innovative projects to life !

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• Essentials of Flow Management (EFM)
• DDMRP 1 (Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning)
• Green & Lean
• Other versions (logistics, office, continuous flow, banking, insurance, building, etc.)

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