Manage complex projects
improvement worksites

__ with our Lean - Black Belt certification training

With the 7-Shapes school, become a Lean expert with our
interactive business simulation 100% online.

And get your Lean Black Belt certification
with our partner the University of Lean Six Sigma.

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100% online

Weekly virtual classes, interactive business simulation, mini-games, videos and quizzes punctuate your journey!

100% fundable

Depends on your countru
Price: from 960€ to 2 010€ VAT excl.
according to your level

Satisfied learners

Our courses have a rating of 4.86/5

Recognised certification

Certification created by the University
Six Sigma and exam managed by CESI Certification.


What skills will I develop with Black Belt training?

The main objectives are:

  • Define and deploy a Lean Management approach adapted to the company and its strategic objectives.
  • Analyze the criteria for identifying simple or complex Lean projects.
  • Carry out complex projects at the Black Belt Lean level
  • Select and implement the right Black Belt Lean tools
  • Leading, animating and organizing the process in project mode.

As a Black Belt, you will manage complex projects, define a road map of actions and projects to be carried out on complex perimeters (production workshop, factories, ...), you will use the DMAIC approach to drive actions and changes in a sustainable way. You will also be able to coach and train Green Belts and field managers.

You will take the online certification at the end of your training.

Prerequisites : 2/3 years of higher education and/or 5 years of experience
It is not necessary to be already a Green Belt

Rates & training dates

Financing : depends on your country

Complete training
for all

2 010€

VAT excl.

Sept. 6 to Nov. 26, 2021

Oct. 4 to Dec 24, 2021

Nov 2 to Jan. 21, 2022

Dec. 6 to Feb. 25, 2022

For certified Yellow Belt
with the 7-Shapes School

1 540€

VAT excl.

Oct. 1 to Nov. 26, 2021

Oct. 23 to Dec 24, 2021

Nov 26 to Jan. 21, 2022

Dec. 30 to Feb. 25, 2022

For certified Green Belt
with the 7-Shapes School


VAT excl.

Oct. 29 to Nov. 26, 2021

Nov. 26 to Dec 24, 2021

Dec. 23 to Jan. 21, 2022

Jan. 28 to Feb. 25, 2022

Ready to become Black Belt ?

Elora, our Training Manager, will provide you with information on training methods, advise you on financing options and assist you in your efforts.

How does Black Belt training work?

38 hours of interactive 100% online training spread over 12 weeks (for the complete training).

A weekly virtual class (about1h) with a Lean expert to ensure your follow-up.

Prerequisites: 3 years of higher education and/or 5 years of experience.
Internet connection and up-to-date Mozilla or Chrome browser.

Accessible to all.
If you have a disability, contact us so that we can adapt your training.

The 7-Shapes School

A revolutionary Lean Management training system

7-Shapes School simplifies your Lean Management training! No more complex organisations and sustained rhythms of learning.
Thanks to our 100% online platform, you can train where you want, when you want and at your own pace.

Our plus

An interactive business simulation that allows you to put all your knowledge into practice.

Our only goal?

Revolutionize operational excellence training to make it accessible to all, interactive and practical!

They were trained at the 7-Shapes School

Walter S.
Quality assurance site manager

After benchmarking distance learning courses, I chose 7-Shapes for the concrete aspect linked to the availability of the platform because I did not want a simple e-learning course. I wanted to see "from the field". The "game'' which only has a name as it is so real and sometimes difficult is a real plus in terms of understanding. The 7-Shapes team is responsive and ready to listen!

Gilles C.
Maintaining Airbus assets

This training has enabled me to become more competent vis-à-vis my hierarchy, and to gain more self-confidence with this certification. This action has highlighted what I have been doing for the last three years in the Airbus company.<br>
I would like to thank the whole team of 7 shapes for their professionalism and reactivity. Especially a big Bravo to Elora and Julien.

Eric M.
CEO Metal Colors & Comet Conseil

A high quality certification accompaniment with a playful but no less effective support to highlight the Lean tools. Constructive exchanges between learners, interactivity, in short, a fine example of collective intelligence...

Fabien L.
Team leader, Hertus

The very playful play in addition to the virtual classes makes the 7-Shapes School the school of performance. An innovative concept within everyone's reach to master the language and the principle of Lean. With a team that is experienced and very professional. Thank you all.

Ready to become Black Belt ?

Elora, our Training Manager, will provide you with information on training methods, advise you on financing options and assist you in your efforts.