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Our experts coach you and accompany you in the implementation of your Lean project.

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How does it work?
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Personalized coaching

3 to 5 hours of personalized coaching
by an expert in your sector
Accompaniment on the field (optional).

100% fundable

Depends on your country.

They trained in Lean Management at 7-Shapes School.

The training program

What are the objectives of the Green Belt Office skills certification?

At the end of this training-action, you will know how to manage, organize and lead simple Lean projects!

  • Understand the Lean philosophy (Operational Excellence) and performance improvement tools
  • Know how to select and implement Green Belt level lean tools
  • Carry out a simple improvement project in the field in DMAIC format
  • Know how to produce a summary report of the work carried out
  • Implement a progress plan in your company



The skills certification complements the Green Belt Lean knowledge certification.
The certification of competences is the realization of a Lean site in company with the realization of a file and a defense on the led project.




The skills certification includes 1 hour of preparation
and passing the exam.

Certification of skills



VAT excl.

Certification of skills

3 hours


VAT excl.

Certification of skills

5 hours

+ Lean tool files

1 300€

VAT excl.

Need more information?

Contact Elora, she will provide you with information on training methods, advise you on all the existing means of financing and assist you in your procedures.

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Training schedule

Prerequisites :
Green Belt knowledge certification.
Admission based on CV, equivalency certificate and/or certification.

Training date to be defined with the learner

Accessible to all. If you have a disability, contact us so that we can adapt your training.

Your trainers

Julien Charles,
CEO and trainer

Trained as an engineer, Julien has gained experience through the deployment of Lean projects in various companies in France and Europe. More than 50 companies have been accompanied by Julien in their transformation: from Lean Management to the Industry of the Future. Julien is also a coach and trainer for future Green and Black Belts in Lean Management.

Philippe FRACHE,
Director of LEANeO Consulting

An advocate of the Toyota organisational model (TPS), Philippe assists companies in their transformation by promoting the hunt for waste in order to facilitate the work of employees.<br>
Today a consultant and trainer, recognised as a Performance Expert (Black Belt Lean 6 Sigma), his experience is based on 18 years of implementing Operational Excellence tools and methods in the automotive and renewable energy sectors.

Packaging Linges Performance Improvement Engineer

Trained as a food engineer, Nils has been involved in projects to set up and modify packaging lines for customers all over the world for 12 years. He then carried out performance improvement audits for these same clients, which enabled him to observe the problems encountered and the needs for continuous improvement over the past 9 years. It specialises more specifically in processes for consumer goods in continuous series.

Interested in skills certification?

Contact Elora, she will provide you with information on training methods, advise you on all the existing means of financing and assist you in your procedures.

You can also contact Elora :

Certification of skills Green Belt – Lean V1.4.21