"Improvement for All" Kit

Make all your employees actors of the continuous improvement

You are committed to a continuous improvement approach but, everyday, you encounter difficulties : your teams aren’t sufficiently autonomous and not sufficiently equipped to solve their problems.

The “Improvement for All” kit allows all your employees to integrate the Lean philosophy and to learn the main problem-solving tools.


What benefits
for your company ?

Raising awareness and getting involved

All your employees in your continuous improvement process.

Accessible to everyone

A ready-to-use solution, easy to access, flexible, interactive and fun.

A kit with the essential notions

Online micro-modules from 3 to 15 minutes

  • 5 key principles of Lean
  • Value Added and Non Value Added
  • Red/Green analysis (mini-game)
  • Kaizen rules
  • Standard
  • Animation rituals
  • 5S method (mini-game)
  • 4W1H (mini-game)
  • Ishikawa diagram (mini-game)
  • 5 Why (mini-game)
  • Downloadable tool sheets

Each module is followed by a quiz to ensure proper understanding.

Simplified access

The Kit is accessible online via a web link open to all your employees in the same geographical location. Set up in your company in 5 minutes!

Interactive content

Interactive simulation, mini-games, educational videos, quizzes


SME* offer

€3,900 excl. VAT

  • Single package per site (1 kit = 1 geographical location)
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 24/7 access for 1 year

*less than 250 employees

Large Groups* offer

€5,900 excl. VAT

  • Single package per site (1 kit = 1 geographical location)
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 24/7 access for 1 year

*more than 250 employees

Customized offer


Possibilities examples:
  • Multisites
  • Integration into your LMS
  • Your content in the Kit
  • Additional modules
  • Graphic customization

We answer your questions

What do you mean by geographical location?

A geographical location is a unique address for your business that may include multiple buildings.

Can you integrate my content into the Kit?

Yes, we can. If you have existing content such as videos or quizzes, we can integrate them. We can also customize the kit to your image.

Can I integrate the Kit into my LMS?

Yes, we can. We can integrate the kit into your LMS for a specific quote.

In which languages is the Kit available?

The "Improvement for All" Kit is available in English and French.

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    What our customers say

    Laurent M.

    Study Director, Idate DigiWorld

    I train future engineers in Lean Management with the 7-Shapes School. Mobilization and commitment are greatly improved thanks to the immersive support where courses and practical application are done simultaneously. Its quality makes it a pedagogical complement that improves the training. A remarkable tool.

    Lara G.

    Consultant, PMGI Conseil

    About twenty people from a large international group with multiple nationalities and different professions discovered the 7-Shapes School with ease and pleasure. And this thanks to the contents relevance. This allows everyone to benefit from it!

    Fabien L.

    Team Manager, Hertus

    The serious game and the virtual classes make the 7-Shapes school the school of performance. An innovative concept within everyone’s reach to master the language and principles of lean. A very professional and experienced team.

    They trust us