Interactive training
to increase your performance

without spending whole days sat in a chair.

Train your employees in Lean Management through self-paced training based on an interactive business simulation. Our 100% online interactive platform allows learners to have a flexible learning pace and above all to learn in an engaging way!

The 7-Shapes School, a fun, engaging and practical training platform!

The 7-Shapes School is a 100% online Lean Management and Supply Chain training platform.

Several courses are available for all levels: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt. For all employees, including operators, managers, directors, etc. And for industrial companies and service companies.

Our simulation is regularly interspersed with mini-games, videos, quizzes and gamified challenges. Module duration ranges from 5 to 15 minutes.


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Courses for all levels


White Belt

For discovering
the basics of Lean

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Lean projects

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Lean projects

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How to access the 7-Shapes School

No installation required! A simple web browser is all you need to access our platform.

You can access our platform via a registration link. The learner registers with their email address and password.

They can then advance at their own pace and can log back in at any time to continue their training.

Purchase of one course = access for one person.

Access to the courses in 1 minute!

What are the advantages of training via a business simulation game?

A simulation challenges the learner and encourages them to put their knowledge into practice. Learning through play has many advantages:

  • Engagement: Unlike traditional training, games encourage learners to become actively involved.
  • Appropriate pacing: training often has a dense pace and is guided by an instructor. With a simulation, learners can change the pace of the game to suit their progress and availability!
  • Feedback : if you fail a game or a quiz, knowing where you failed and why is important for improving.
  • "Try and Learn" : it’s only through making mistakes that we learn! A simulation allows you to make mistakes, try again and learn through doing!
  • Gains : unlike arranging face-to-face training with an instructor, training using an interactive simulation is much more flexible and is available to many more people!

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