Pilot continuous
improvement projects with our

Certification training
Green Belt - Lean

A 100% online course spread over 8 weeks.
Based on the AFNOR NF X06-091 standard.

Our pedagogical method?
An innovative platform, the 7-Shapes School.

Where you want, when you want.

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1 100€

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Pilot continuous
improvement worksites

__ with our
certification training
Green Belt - Lean

Join the 7-Shapes school, a certified
Lean Management training through
an online factory simulation game.

Where you want, when you want.

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1100€ HT - 1320€ TTC

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of 105 learners in 2020

100% online

Our training courses mix virtual classes and autonomous modules (business simulation, mini-games, quizzes, videos)

100% fundable

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Price : 1100€ VAT excl.

Interactive training

Weekly virtual classes, interactive business simulation, mini-games, videos and quizzes punctuate your journey!

Recognised certification

Certification created by the University
Six Sigma and review managed by CESI.

Are you interested in our Green Belt - Lean training?

Elora, our Training Manager, will provide you with <b>information on training methods</b>, advise you on <b>financing</b> options and assist you in your efforts.

Contact Elora :
By Phone : +3306 22 89 80 96
by e-mail : elora@seven-shapes.com


What are the educational objectives of our Green Belt - Lean training?

  • Apply the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Innovate, Control) problem-solving approach.
  • Knowledge of standardisation and automation tools
  • Carry out visual management actions
  • Knowing the differences between push and pull flow
  • Mastering production smoothing tools
  • Know how to make a flow map
  • Obtain the Lean Green Belt certification listed in the Specific Directory(n°2254)

At the end of the Green Belt training, you will be able to manage simple Lean projects!

Pre-requisites: 2 years of higher education or 3 years of experience.


Our Green Belt - Lean training

The Yellow Belt course is included in our training (part 1)


Would you like an individual follow-up to complete your training?

This is possible thanks to our training formula with tutoring:
take advantage of an additional 3 hours of coaching.

Not required


Are you interested in our Green Belt - Lean training?

Elora, our Training Manager, will provide you with <b>information on training methods</b>, advise you on <b>financing</b> options and assist you in your efforts.

Contact Elora :
By Phone : +3306 22 89 80 96
by e-mail : elora@seven-shapes.com


Innovative teaching methods for training in Lean Management

7-Shapes School simplifies your Lean Management training! No more complex organisations and sustained rhythms of learning.
Thanks to our 100% online lean school you can train where you want, when you want and at your own pace.

Our plus?

An <b>interactive business simulation</b> that allows you to put all the theoretical knowledge you have learned into practice.

Our only goal?

Make Lean accessible to everyone in a fun and effective way to help companies <b>become more efficient!</b>


90% de nos apprenants ont un reste à charge de 0€.
Elora advises you and accompanies you in your financing possibilities

Practical information about the Green Belt course

26 hours of training 100% online spread over
8 weeks.

Prerequisites: Bac+2 and or 3 years of experience.

1 weekly virtual class of about 1 hour to ensure your follow-up.
Formula with tutoring: + 3 hours of individual coaching

1 100€ VAT excl. / learner
Formula with tutoring : 150€/hour x 3 hours

Accessible to all. If you have a disability, contact us so that we can adapt your training.

Next training sessions :

  • from 6 sept. to 29th oct 2021
  • from 4 oct. to 26 nov. 2021
  • from 6 sept. to 29th oct 2021
  • from nov. 2 to dec. 24 2021

Please note : your registration via the CPF must be made at least 11 working days before the start date of the training session!

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They trained in Lean Management at 7-Shapes School.

Your trainers

Julien Charles,
CEO and trainer

Trained as an engineer, Julien has gained experience through the deployment of Lean projects in various companies in France and Europe. More than 50 companies have been accompanied by Julien in their transformation: from Lean Management to the Industry of the Future. Julien is also a coach and trainer for future Green and Black Belts in Lean Management.

Philippe FRACHE,
Director of LEANeO Consulting

An advocate of the Toyota organisational model (TPS), Philippe assists companies in their transformation by promoting the hunt for waste in order to facilitate the work of employees.<br>
Today a consultant and trainer, recognised as a Performance Expert (Black Belt Lean 6 Sigma), his experience is based on 18 years of implementing Operational Excellence tools and methods in the automotive and renewable energy sectors.

Packaging Linges Performance Improvement Engineer

Trained as a food engineer, Nils has been involved in projects to set up and modify packaging lines for customers all over the world for 12 years. He then carried out performance improvement audits for these same clients, which enabled him to observe the problems encountered and the needs for continuous improvement over the past 9 years. It specialises more specifically in processes for consumer goods in continuous series.

Are you interested in our Green Belt - Lean training?

<font color="white">Elora, our Training Manager, will provide you with information on <b><font color="white">training methods</font></b>, advise you on <b><font color="white">funding</font></b> options and assist you in your application. </font>

Contact Elora :
By phone : + 3306 22 89 80 96
By e-mail : elora@seven-shapes.com

They passed their Green Belt certification at 7-Shapes School

Gilles C.
Maintaining Airbus assets

This training has enabled me to become more competent vis-à-vis my hierarchy, and to gain more self-confidence with this certification. This action has highlighted what I have been doing for the last three years in the Airbus company.<br>
I would like to thank the whole team of 7 shapes for their professionalism and reactivity. Especially a big Bravo to Elora and Julien.

Brahim G.
CEO of Hackers Management

Excellent and unique!<br>
I didn't just want Lean Six Sigma, I didn't just want certification.<br>
I wanted a training course where I can practise, where I can practice, where it's interactive.<br>
I loved the Green Belt - Lean training, it allowed me to evolve in my profession,<br>
Thanks to Julien and the 7-Shapes School!

Antoine L.
Job seeker - Operational Excellence Engineer

I'm just out of engineering school and I didn't have the opportunity to get a Green Belt certification during my studies. When I arrived on the job market, I realised that the offers I was interested in presented Green Belt certification as a condition for taking the job. That's why I chose the 7-Shapes School, to train myself quickly while still being able to manage my job search at the same time.

Bertrand D.
Professional reorientation

I was working in the service sector for several years and I decided to return to the industrial sector which is my area of origin. Training in Lean seemed necessary to me in order to be able to carry out my reorientation project in the best possible way. Being in my company, the 7-Shapes School format seemed adequate to me because it allows me to train outside of working hours.

Certification Green Belt – Lean V1.3.21