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Green Belt Office - Agile

With the 7-Shapes School, train yourself with our
interactive business simulation 100% online.

And get a recognized certification with our
partner the Lean Six Sigma University.

Where you want, when you want.

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1 490€

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They trained in Lean Management at 7-Shapes School.

100% online

Train where you want and when you want with our online platform. Move at your own pace.

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Virtual classes with a Lean expert, virtual factory simulation, mini-games, videos and knowledge quizzes

Recognised certification

Certification created by the Lean Six Sigma University and exam managed by CESI.

The training program

What skills will I develop with this Green Belt Office - Agile training?

At the end of the training, you will be able to manage, organize and lead simple Lean projects in the service industry!

The objectives of the training are:

  • To know and know how to implement the main Lean diagnostic tools.
  • Apply the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Innovate, Control) problem-solving approach.
  • Know the office process standardization tools
  • Know how to conduct visual management actions and team performance animations (from Agile methods)
  • Know the differences between push and pull flow and how to manage a workflow
  • Master work smoothing and task balancing tools


What is the difference with the Green Belt Lean Manufacturing
certification training?

Our Green Belt Lean Office training is designed for people who work in a service or office environment. While the Green Belt – Lean Manufacturing training is for people who work in a production environment.

Our training is composed of 2 steps:

  • A first part of training oriented on Lean Manufacturing with our interactive factory simulation in order to understand the principles and basics of Lean Management as well as the tools.
  • A second part where you are immersed in an office environment in order to apply the concepts learned to the world of services thanks to our interactive service simulation!

How does the Green Belt Office - Agile training work?

26 hours of training 100% online spread over
8 weeks.

Pre-requisites: 2 years of higher education and or 3 years of experience.

1 weekly virtual class of approximately 1 hour to ensure your follow-up.

1 490€ VAT excl. / learner

Accessible to all. If you have a disability, contact us so we can adapt your training.

Next training sessions:
- from July 12 to August 27, 2021
- August 9 to October 1, 2021
- from September 13 to November 5, 2021
More dates on the training program.

Interested in our Green Belt Lean Office - Agile training?

Elora will provide you with information on the terms and conditions of the training courses and help you in your steps.

Contact Elora :

By phone : +33 6 22 89 80 96
By e-mail : elora@seven-shapes.com

The 7-Shapes School

A revolutionary Lean Management training system

7-Shapes School simplifies your Lean Management training! No more complex organisations and sustained rhythms of learning.
Thanks to our 100% online lean school you can train where you want, when you want and at your own pace.

Our plus?

An interactive business simulation that allows you to put all the theoretical knowledge you have learned into practice.

Our only goal?

To train all employees in Lean in a fun and effective way to help companies become more efficient!

They followed a training with the 7-Shapes School

Walter S.
Quality assurance site manager

After benchmarking the courses available remotely, I chose 7-Shapes for the concrete aspect of making the training platform available because I didn't want a simple e-learning course. I wanted to see "from the field". The "game'' which only has a name as it is so real and sometimes difficult is a real plus in terms of understanding. The 7-Shapes team is reactive and attentive. I am very happy to have completed this training with 7-Shapes.

Fabien L.
Team leader, Hertus

Le jeu très ludique en plus des classes virtuelles fait de la 7-Shapes School, l'école de la performance.The very playful play in addition to the virtual classes makes the 7-Shapes School the school of performance. An innovative concept within everyone's reach to master the language and the principle of Lean. With a team that is experienced and very professional. Thank you all.

Eric M.
Director Metal Colors et Comet Conseil

A high quality certification accompaniment with a playful but no less effective support to highlight the Lean tools. Constructive exchanges between learners, interactivity, in short, a fine example of collective intelligence...

Interested in our Green Belt Lean Office - Agile training?

Elora will provide you with information on the terms and conditions of the training courses and help you in your steps.

Contact Elora :

By phone : +33 6 22 89 80 96
By e-mail : elora@seven-shapes.com

Green Belt Service/Office V14.4.21
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