Learn Lean concepts through an interactive business simulation.

7-Shapes produces and develops the 7-Shapes School, a 100% online training platform based on a serious game, mini-games, quizzes and animated videos! All this, to learn about continuous improvement in an innovative way!

learning methods !


Customer satisfaction
(note given by our learners)


Completion rate
(compared to about 30% for traditional e-learning)

Engaging and effective learning, our challenge!

Training courses are often synonymous with fast pace, powerpoint, long hours of inactive listening, …

At 7-Shapes, our philosophy is to train in a fun but effective way! This is why we have chosen learning methods via an serious game.

The 7-Shapes School responds to the 4 essential conditions for learning resulting from neuroscience research.

The 7-Shapes School, a fun, engaging and practical training platform!

The 7-Shapes School is a 100% online Lean Management and Supply Chain training platform.

Several courses are available for all levels: White Belt, Yellow Belt and Green Belt. For all employees, including operators, managers, directors, etc. 

Our simulation is regularly interspersed with mini-games, videos, quizzes and gamified challenges. Module duration ranges from 5 to 15 minutes.


Train with a multitude of modules ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. What to diversify your training and make it addictive!


Our simulation allows you to put the theory into practice. This facilitates the application of Lean tools in the field.

Easy access

No more complex and costly organizations! A simple internet link allows you to train where you want and when you want.

Varied and fun micro-modules

The 7-Shapes School is an online training platform, accessible via a web browser.
A set of micro-modules of 3 to 20 minutes maximum:
animated videos, serious game, quizzes, mini-games and interactive lessons.

Our solutions

Certifying training, autonomous training(e-learning), large-scale training, coaching, etc.
We have a solution for you!


Fun training courses with virtual classes led by our experts. Yellow, Green, Black Belt Lean certifications

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Train on your own pace with our interactive and fun training platform. For all levels: White, Yellow, Green.

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Continuous Improvement
for All

Make all your employees actors of the continuous improvement. A set of modules on Lean tools and philosophy.

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