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20 essential concepts and tools of Lean Management

The Lean Toolbox in short: various micro-learning modules (games, motion design videos, interactive lessons, quizzes, company simulation…) focused on 20 major Lean concepts and tools!

Are you a consultant, a trainer? Or in charge of continuous improvement in your business? Do you need to explain 5S? Ishikawa’s diagram? What a VSM looks like?

The Lean Toolbox is made for you! 20 major Lean tools accessible through 3 to 5 minute modules: motion-design videos, interactive lessons, mini-games and quizzes (White Belt and Yellow Belt levels) and a “Sandbox” level to implement these tools in a business simulation.

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Toolbox Content

The story of Lean

The 5 key principles of Lean

Value-added and Non-Value Added

Leadtime and Little’s Law

The DMAIC method

Control tools

Kanban: functions & limits

The 7 wastes

The Gemba Walk

The Spaghetti Diagram



Batch sizes

The work-in-process

The assignment of logisticians

The 5S


Ishikawa’s diagram

The 5 why

Red / Green analysis

White Belt Quiz (20 questions)

Yellow Belt Quiz (50 questions)