Discover how 7-Shapes School’s training courses accompany professionals (companies, consultants, employees, etc.) in their Lean Management training project.

Eurotab has entrusted the 7-Shapes School to train all its employees in the principles of Lean Management within the framework of intra-company training. All this, at a distance and adapted to all levels.

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Eric M., manager of Métal Colors and Comet Conseil, trained in Lean with the 7-Shapes School. Then, he became a trainer himself to train his employees with the 7-Shapes School. With Comet Conseil, he now advises his clients to launch Lean projects!

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More examples of how to use the 7-Shapes School are to come!

They trained with the 7-Shapes School.

Walter S.
Quality assurance site manager

After benchmarking the courses available remotely, I chose 7-Shapes for the concrete aspect of making the training platform available because I didn't want a simple e-learning course. I wanted to see "from the field". The "game'' which only has a name as it is so real and sometimes difficult is a real plus in terms of understanding. The 7-Shapes team is reactive and attentive. I am very happy to have completed this training with 7-Shapes.

Fabien L.
Team leader, Hertus

Le jeu très ludique en plus des classes virtuelles fait de la 7-Shapes School, l'école de la performance.The very playful play in addition to the virtual classes makes the 7-Shapes School the school of performance. An innovative concept within everyone's reach to master the language and the principle of Lean. With a team that is experienced and very professional. Thank you all.

Eric M.
CEO Metal Colors & Comet Conseil

A high quality certification accompaniment with a playful but no less effective support to highlight the Lean tools. Constructive exchanges between learners, interactivity, in short, a fine example of collective intelligence...

Gilles C.
Maintaining Airbus assets

This training has enabled me to become more competent vis-à-vis my hierarchy, and to gain more self-confidence with this certification. This action has highlighted what I have been doing for the last three years in the Airbus company.<br>
I would like to thank the whole team of 7 shapes for their professionalism and reactivity. Especially a big Bravo to Elora and Julien.

Brahim G.
CEO of Hackers Management

Excellent and unique!<br>
I didn't just want Lean Six Sigma, I didn't just want certification.<br>
I wanted a training course where I can practise, where I can practice, where it's interactive.<br>
I loved the Green Belt - Lean training, it allowed me to evolve in my profession,<br>
Thanks to Julien and the 7-Shapes School!

Bertrand D.
Professional reorientation

I was working in the service sector for several years and I decided to return to the industrial sector which is my area of origin. Training in Lean seemed necessary to me in order to be able to carry out my reorientation project in the best possible way. Being in my company, the 7-Shapes School format seemed adequate to me because it allows me to train outside of working hours.




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