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With 7-Shapes School, train your learners in a new way!
Our 100% online training platform is based on an interactive business simulation. This makes your training immersive and engaging and allows your learners to put their knowledge into practice.


How does it work?
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Our Training of Trainers - Testimonial

Eric Monnet, manager of Metals Colors and Comet Conseil, has followed our lean coach training.
Now, he advises and trains its customers by mixing distance learning with the 7-Shapes School and face-to-face training to support Lean projects in the field.

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100% online

Virtual classes, interactive simulation, mini-games, videos, quizzes.

100% fundable

Depends on your country.

They trust the 7-Shapes School


Why become a trainer with 7-Shapes School?

At the end of the training, you will be able to lead Lean trainings with the 7-Shapes School! This training has several objectives:

  • Learn how to design a Lean training for White, Yellow, Green or Black Belt levels, whether it is certifying or not;
  • Learn to facilitate virtual classes;
  • Assessing learners through their progress;
  • Evolve your training courses from face-to-face to mixed learning (alternating face-to-face and distance learning) or to online distance learning;
  • Achieve educational objectives through the use of our fun and immersive simulation!

Need more information?

Elora informs you about the training modalities, advises you on all the existing means of financing and accompanies you in all your steps.


Our innovative solution


A revolutionary Lean Management training system

7-Shapes School simplifies your Lean Management training! No more complex organisations and sustained rhythms of learning.
Thanks to our 100% online Lean school, your learners
can train at their own pace .

Our plus?

An interactive business simulation that allows you to put into practice all the theoretical knowledge you have learned.

Our only goal?

To train all employees in Lean in a fun and effective way to help companies become more efficient!

How is the Training of Trainers conducted?

Access to all 7-Shapes School training and animation materials:
Videos, virtual classes, interactive business simulation challenges, quizzes and mini-games.

Prerequisites : Green Belt - Lean certification or 3 years of related work experience.
Technical requirements : Internet connection and compatible browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

1 virtual class at the end of the training to coach and evaluate you.

1 950€ VAT excl.

Accessible to all. If you have a disability, contact us so that we can adapt your training.

Training Dates:
Continuous training entry/exit
Estimated training time: 24 hours

Your Coach

Julien Charles, 7-Shapes CEO and Lean expert

Trained as an engineer, Julien has deployed Lean projects in more than 50 companies in France and in Europe: from Lean Management to the Industry of the Future. Julien is also a coach and expert trainer for all 7-Shapes School courses! In this trainer training, he will give you all his tips and tricks to become an outstanding trainer... with the 7-Shapes School!

Are you interested in becoming a trainer?

Contact Elora. It provides you with information on training methods, advises you on existing financing methods and assists you in your registration process.


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