Yellow Belt

A course for becoming a key player in the Continuous Improvement process and participating in Lean projects. Train on our 100% online platform, the 7-Shapes School!

The program includes an interactive business simulation (gamification), videos for each Lean tool or concept, mini-games and lots of quizzes!

How does it work?
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Wherever you want
wherever you want and whenever you want. Train at your own pace.


Your training is interspersed with
videos, mini-games, quizzes
and an interactive simulation at regular intervals.

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What are the objectives of our Yellow Belt course?

The Yellow Belt course enables all employees to become key contributors towards the continuous improvement process in a company.

The course follows the stages of the DMAIC cycle:

  • Define:
    The history of Lean, the 5 principles of Lean, the 7 wastes, VA and NVA, the Gemba Walk, the 5S, the basics of project management, etc.
  • Measure and Analyse:
    Problem Solving, Spaghetti Diagram, Relocation, Takt Time and Cycle Time, Basics of OEE, etc.
  • Improve:
    Theory of constraints, Kaizen process, work in progress management, Little's law, batch size, quality control tools, maintenance, etc.
  • Control:
    Employee involvement, interval management and visual management.

Need information or advice?

Maxime, Lean Expert and Trainer at 7-Shapes, advises you about all our courses and answers all your questions.


€250/licence excl. VAT

Training time
8 to 12 hours

Accessible to everyone. If you have a disability, please contact us so that we can tailor your training.

The 7-Shapes School

A revolutionary Lean Management training system

The 7-Shapes School makes training in Lean Management a piece of cake! No more complicated arrangements and intensive lengthy training sessions.
Thanks to our 100% online lean school, you can train where you want, when you want and at your own pace.

And the bonus to choosing us?

An interactive business simulation that allows you to put all the theoretical knowledge you've learned into practice.

Our one and only goal?

To train all employees in Lean in a fun and effective way to help companies become more efficient!


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