Yellow Belt Manufacturing Course

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Objective of the course : involve all employees in the company’s continuous improvement process.

8 to 12 hours of training

The Yellow Belt Manufacturing course allows you to fully understand the main principles of Lean, thanks to the visualization of the flows overview in a drone factory, from raw material to finished products.

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Course's content

The 5 principles of Lean
Value Added and Non-Value Added
The 7 wastes
Gemba Walk

The indicators
The Dashboard

Make the right diagnosis
Spaghetti Diagram
The assignment of logisticians

Put into practice in gamified simulations
Takt Time and PCE (Process Cycle Efficiency)
Problem solving

Little’s Law
Theory Of Constraints
Kaizen Project
Batch size

Lead time
Application in gamified simulations

Staff involvement
Animation rituals
Application in gamified simulations

Additional (complex) applications
Creativity and constraints
End of course quiz

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