Green Belt Manufacturing Course

Launch and manage Lean projects.Thanks to our innovative 100% online training solution, learn the theoretical concepts and put them into practice through our interactive business simulation!

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The training programme

What are the objectives of our Green Belt course?

The Green Belt course allows you to acquire the knowledge to manage Lean projects. This training includes the Yellow Belt course and complements it with additional tools:

  • Plan production with customer orders:
    The queue tool, customer order information (ERP),
    product mix, changeover planning, ...
  • Stretching the flows:
    FIFO, Kanban method, how Kanban works,
    Kanban limits and bores, ...
  • Managing and maintaining performance:
    strong, Kaizen meetings, control tools, Red/Green or VA/NVA
    the logistics tour.

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Maxime, Lean Expert and trainer at 7-Shapes, advises you on our training courses and answers all your questions.

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Training time
15 - 20h

Accessible for all. If you have a disability, contact us so we can adapt your training.


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The 7-Shapes School

A revolutionary Lean Management training system

7-Shapes School simplifies your Lean Management training! No more complex organisations and sustained rhythms of learning.
Thanks to our 100% online lean school you can train where you want, when you want and at your own pace.

Our plus?

An <b>interactive business simulation</b> that allows you to put all the theoretical knowledge you have learned into practice.

Our only goal?

To train all employees in Lean in a fun and effective way to help companies <b>become more efficient!</b>


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