7-Shapes School

The 7-Shapes School is an online school which offers modules, learning paths, and Lean certification training. Our modules are based on a fun business simulation. Our pedagogy, allows for the commitment of the learners and the effectiveness of the learning through the implementation of a virtual company. Our average commitment rate is over 80% and at 100% for the certification training courses!

The 7-Shapes School is available in English and French. We are planning to translate our content into many other languages in the near future. If you are in need of a specific language, please contact us: contact@seven-shapes.com.

The two browsers compatible with 7-Shapes School are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox!


We offer training courses for White, Yellow and Green Belt levels in Lean and Lean Six Sigma and also a toolbox containing the main Lean tools!

The free demo allows you to discover the different types of 7-Shapes School modules: notions, videos, mini-games, quizzes and especially challenges through our fun business simulation.

We carry out Yellow and Green Belt certified training courses 100% online. These trainings allow you to acquire the Yellow Belt – Lean Six Sigma certification and to attend the Green Belt Lean training registered with the NCPN! These trainings are organized every month and last between 1 (Yellow Belt) and 2 months (Green Belt). They are based on the corresponding Courses and 5 to 8 virtual classes. Please visit the corresponding pages of our website.

Our 100% e-learning courses are not certifying courses because a certifying course must contain some face-to-face or remote learning with a live teacher. However, they bring the necessary skills to reach a level similar to the White, Yellow or Green Belt and the owner of your structure may grant you a certificate specific to 7-Shapes School!

Each Course’s levels are unlocked as you complete/view them. You must have earned at least one Challenge and Quiz Star to unlock the next level.

If you wish to see a particular level, you can use the “unlocked” mode accessible in the settings. However, in this “unlocked” mode, your progress is not registered.

For the Toolbox, all the modules are immediately accessible.

Of course! Trainers use the 7-Shapes School courses in different ways:

  • Giving their learners access to the course prior to their intervention so that they can get the basics and know the vocabulary. Face-to-face or remote learning is thus used to resolve difficulties encountered and deepen certain aspects.
  • By creating working groups (2 or 3 people going through game phases) during the training. This method makes it possible to use collective intelligence to solve challenges, without preventing learners to return to the course at their own pace after the training.

We also set up complementary tools around our courses to help you in the creation of your pedagogical engineering: sheets with ideas for exercises and educational animations. Of course, we can also help you out in this process, so feel free to reach out!


The business simulation of the 7-Shapes School course simulates a UAV manufacturing flow. Everything is calculated in real time according to parameters (costs and revenues per minute) close to reality. This simulation is the strength of our pedagogy: it allows the learner to put into practice the theoretical concepts seen in the other modules… just like in real life! But with the possibility of being wrong. Now, neuroscience proved it, you have to apply and make mistakes to learn!


We regularly produce “customized” versions of the 7-Shapes School for our customers. We can put your colors, logo, workflow and even custom modules according to your needs.

No problem, feel free to contact us for this type of need.

If your course is in English it means your browser is as well. Change the browser language to French (or your own language) and the course will switch to French. You can also change the language via the settings menu (small gear wheel) within the route.


Nothing is installed on your computer, the courses are launched directly in your browser. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible internet browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and off you go! By trying out the free demo, you can make sure that the 7-Shapes School will work perfectly on your computer.

All videos and PDFs are accessible on tablet or mobile devices. This is not yet possible for the Courses themselves, but we are actively working on it!

Your browser may be the cause of the problem: the game is only compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this should fix your issue.

If the browser is not the cause of the problem, feel free to contact us at this address: contact.school@seven-shapes.com explaining as precisely as possible what the issue is. Feel free to add screenshots, it can help us understand the source of the problem.

Contact us at this address: contact@seven-shapes.com

Your browser may be the cause of this issue: the game is only compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Try with one of these browsers to see if it solves the problem.

If the browser is not the cause of the problem, feel free to contact us at this address: contact.school@seven-shapes.com trying to give us as much information as possible (time spent on the game, level you were at, what you were doing in the level at the time when the “Out of Memory” message popped up).

Your browser may be the cause of this issue: the game is only compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Try one of these browsers to see if it solves the problem.

If the browser is not the cause of the problem, feel free to contact us at this address: contact.school@seven-shapes.com trying to give us as much information as possible (the level you tried to launch, the power – RAM of your computer, etc.).

If it is the very first time you’ve played 7-Shapes School, it’s perfectly normal! Indeed, the game may take some time to load completely.

It is also possible that your internet connection was cut off for a few moments. Feel free to refresh the page from time to time, it can help the game to load!

The next time you play 7-Shapes School, it should load faster if the browser’s cache has not been cleared in the meantime.


The 7-Shapes School is available in several formats. You may:

  • Buy licenses of the game to train your entire business (White and Yellow Belt),
  • Mandate one of our trainers to train your teams in your company or remotely,
  • Follow a 100% online training with the SPOC certifying Yellow Belt.

You can consult all of our offers on the Rates page of this website!

As soon as your payment is registered, you have access to the 7-Shapes School according to the terms of the offer you have subscribed to.

No, nothing can be bought in the game with real money. Purchasing a license for the 7-Shapes School is a guarantee of an optimal gaming experience, without the need to buy anything extra.

We can create a custom version of the game for you! Simply make a request by sending an email explaining your expectations to contact@seven-shapes.com. We will establish a first estimate and get back to you quickly to start the implementation of this version!


If you can’t log in, it’s probably because the password you entered is wrong. Double check the password and the email address are correct 😉

If necessary, you can also reset your password, but beware: the code generated in the email you will receive is only valid for 48 hours!

There are several ways to solve this:

  • Look in the spam, maybe our email ended there by mistake! Look for this email address: contact.school@seven-shapes.com 🙂
  • Try to click “forgotten password” after entering your email, if it is well registered in our database you should receive a new email!
  • Contact the person/entity who gave you access to a license to ensure that they have included you in their structure.

If none of this work, contact us at: contact.school@seven-shapes.com.

First, make sure that:

  • You have typed identical passwords. You can click on the eye icon on the side of the text field: this will allow you to check it in full.
  • You have typed your email address correctly and filled in all the requested fields, they are mandatory 🙂

If the problem persists, contact us at: contact.school@seven-shapes.com.

For security reasons, the code we sent you when creating your account is only valid for 48 hours.

To receive a new one, simply request to change your password on the home page of our website: www.7-shapes-school.com. A new email will be sent to you with a valid code and you will be able to log in easily!

You cannot modify your email address because your account is directly linked to it in our database.

But we can update it for you! To do so, please contact us: contact.school@seven-shapes.com so that we can respond to your request.